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The Elia and Myrtia villas are located in the center of the village Atsipopoulo, which is one of the most picturesque villages of Crete. Located 5 km west of Rethymnon at an altitude of 160 meters, with 2,500 inhabitants (census 2001). It is built around the center of Northern Crete. The village was strategically important and therefore at Atsipopoulo took place many battles against the Turks. The houses are built one next to other and turned into a fortress in times of need. The residents realized the architectural value of their houses, and respected and kept them. So Atsipopoulo today retains its traditional look and elegance of Venetian times. Visitors will be enchanted by the neighborhoods, churches and picturesque streets. Walking will pass under archways and Venetian arches and impressed by the stone and their gates from the 17th and 18th century. Most have patios with a well and in the interior are dominated by arches and thus, and that’s why they are called and kamarospita. In this village, in the garden of an old mansion owners built two stone houses, the Myrtia and Elia with respect to traditional architecture. Within a few meters from the entrance of the villas, visitors can find all the necessary amenities, such as supermarket, bakery, groceries shop, butchery shop, ATM, pharmachy restaurants and coffee shop. However, the property of the villas secures the peaceful environment, which is essential for relaxing holidays.

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